Accounting/Business major internship nearby in Hauppauge. Work 16 hrs a week. Must live on the island. Great company. Anyone interested? Please DM me asap. Junior preferred.

2022.01.24 19:37 Lazy_Cloud1848 Accounting/Business major internship nearby in Hauppauge. Work 16 hrs a week. Must live on the island. Great company. Anyone interested? Please DM me asap. Junior preferred.

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2022.01.24 19:37 Ok_Professional_9045 I'm afraid to eat this

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2022.01.24 19:37 theasteroidblue I have access to millions of branded products, at half the price, how would I go about making a profit on this. Barely any money to start.

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2022.01.24 19:37 _TurtleBox_ In Willy Wonka (1971) during the Hunt for Golden Tickets there is an auction in the UK for the last box of Wonka Bars. The scene ends when the Queen enters and buys the lot. Later on, Wonky states he "so much to do" and says "I must answer that note from the queen." Nice sneaky callback joke.

Wonka Referencing a "letter from the Queen." -
The Auction Scene itself
I've seen this movie thousands of times and never noticed it till yesterday and haven't seen anyone else mention this, figured I'd post!
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2022.01.24 19:37 General_doodius Translation patches for GBA and GBC

Hello is there any translatyion patches ofr the GBC or GBA that work with the Retron 5? I can't seem to find any information anywhere? Thanks.
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2022.01.24 19:37 thicccgingerrr (F22) reminiscing on summer by trying on a suit ☀️☺️

(F22) reminiscing on summer by trying on a suit ☀️☺️ submitted by thicccgingerrr to amihot [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 19:37 TheBlackSwarm People gotta chill

See a bunch of posts on here about people simping over the actresses on this show particularly Diana, Effie, Lauren. Lots of weird/ creepy comments too. If you’re that horny go jerk off or sign up for onlyfans or go to a strip club. It’s that simple.
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2022.01.24 19:37 RocksNCrossbows Rocket Pass Inverted/Holographic wheels

Does this Rocket Pass have a chance for Inverted/Holographic wheels past tier 70 ? I haven't bought a pass in quite a while.
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2022.01.24 19:37 GroundbreakingBig186 space station 13 - nanotrasen employee of the month

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2022.01.24 19:37 MissMadificent Stranger in the kitchen

I only very recently recalled this memory, as I forgot that it even happened to me. Prior to this incident, I had never experienced anything like it, nor did I ever suffer from hallucinations - not even after the fact. This is the only time I experienced something visual. I've had a couple audible experiences since then, but never visual and undeniably real like this. It could have been explainable, but I haven't been able to figure out how. Maybe you will.
I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, and am a 28-year-old female. Approximately 20 years ago, I was on the island of Oahu visiting family on my father's side. I stayed at my aunty's house with her rather large (height and width-wise) Samoan boyfriend. She was about 5-foot and was on the chunky side. She has a daughter, my cousin, who was the same age as me and standing at an average 8-year-old girl's height. You'll see why this information matters.
They lived in this neighborhood called "Wilhelmina Rise" on the bottom floor of a 2-story house. It was set up almost like a fairly spacious studio, where the only "room" was the bathroom. Otherwise, you could see everything in the studio in its entirety no matter where you were standing. There were 2 queen-sized beds several feet from each other - one closest to the TV and the other closest to the back wall. I was sleeping in the bed furthest from the TV, on the inside, having the wall closest to me and my cousin was sleeping next to me on the outside. My aunty and her boyfriend were of course sleeping in the other bed.
I want to say it was somewhere between 1am and 2am when I suddenly woke up. I don't know if I had to use the bathroom or what disrupted me, but I was facing the kitchen when I opened my eyes - again, yes everything was in one big room so I could see the kitchen, microwave, front door, etc. from my position. So I open my eyes and prop myself up a bit, using my elbow to see over my peacefully slumbering cousin. I was puzzled at first as it caught my eye, and I thought "I'm just imagining things..." as I begin to rub my eyes and hoping to be rid of whatever was causing this potential illusion.
I look up again, knowing it'd be gone because the explanation was my eyes were likely just blurry, causing me to see imaginary things, right? That's what everyone else would expect when something like this happens to someone.
But that isn't what happened. Not in this universe. After rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I look up again and it's in the same spot as it had been. The next step is to pinch yourself, right? That's exactly what I did. *pinch pinch pinch* on my arm as hard as I could, to where I had to rub the pain away, as THAT is STILL there. My 8-year-old mind was trying to make sense of what was playing out, but it couldn't. And I think maybe that's why I didn't say anything to anyone until very very recently.
Standing in the kitchen and facing the sink (away from me) was what looked to be a figure of a male on the slimmer side - except I couldn't see any details of it. It was as if it were encompassed by a dark, deep, shadowy black. It was a silhouette. Not even the stove's dim, overhead light penetrated anything identifiable on it. Other than this entire encounter, the odd thing is when I first saw it, my half-asleep brain recognized it as my grandma until I looked harder and made sense of where I actually was. But that didn't make sense for a lot of reasons - the main two being she's my mom's mom therefore having no relation to anyone here except me, and two, she was still alive and well on my home island at the time. She didn't pass away until about a decade later, so it wasn't some sort of omen, I don't think.
After I looked at my aunty and her enormous boyfriend sleeping as they're supposed to be, I glanced at the front door thinking maybe someone broke in. From where I was, I could see the chain was still on the door, as was the heavy duty padlock, meaning the only way that locked door's opening is from the INside. The only window in her place was still intact as well. I was quickly checking explanations off the list and not liking the conclusion I was coming to.
My heart was pounding at this point and the figure still hadn't made a single movement. I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself one last time, hoping I was dreaming...
"Please....", I thought to myself, as I slowly started to lower my body onto the mattress, keeping my eyes on whatever IT was that refused to go away, "please keep us safe and don't let anyone see anything.." I stealthily flipped on my other side to face the wall and pulled the covers over my head. I didn't care how hot it was. I was not going to see what's on the other side of this thing, nor was I going to feel, hear, anything it does. I silently prayed more to my parents' God and had so much fear and adrenaline coursing through me, I thought I would never end up falling asleep. I genuinely had it in my mind that something was about to happen to me.. Miracles do happen, as after a millennia passed I did indeed fall asleep through the rest of the night without any further disturbances.
I don't recall what happened the following day, but all I know is nothing was out of place, no evidence of someone MacGyvering their way into the house, and no one else mentioned anything about what I saw.
I did tell my dad's mom about this recently, and she genuinely believes that I'm "sensitive" to anything "spiritual" or "paranormal". She has her reasons, but that's another story.... for some reason, I haven't been able to find it in me to agree with her about being sensitive. Maybe it's because I fear these type of encounters so I consciously shut this stuff out? Maybe because I'm just too skeptical? All I do know is I'd like to never experience seeing a spooky spectral stranger in the middle of the night ever again.
TLDR: visiting family on a different island and I saw what LOOKED like a "shadow man?" in the middle of the night. I was awake for several minutes (pinched myself a lot) everyone was accounted for, no one broke in, can't explain to this day.
I'd love to hear your theories, guesses, experiences, debunkings, etc. I'm looking for an answer as to what this could have been if not an obvious "shadow person". Thank you
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2022.01.24 19:37 ivecome4urpickle MASS FILE UPLOADS - Added Content

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2022.01.24 19:37 WinterstormR My next storytime animation is finally doneA tell me what you think :)

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2022.01.24 19:37 basilisk47 Friend hand crafted his first NFT and wanted me to share it here. Meet Kono Vikings. Feedback is appreciated.

Friend hand crafted his first NFT and wanted me to share it here. Meet Kono Vikings. Feedback is appreciated. submitted by basilisk47 to NFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 19:37 Capital-Recover-2915 Grab this Opportunity Now!

Grab this Opportunity Now!!❗️
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2022.01.24 19:37 ObamaPhone7 what’s wrong with my screen? it’s like that the whole way across

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2022.01.24 19:37 PostNewsEra A BUNCH OF RED FLAGS 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩🚩 #JamieDlux

A BUNCH OF RED FLAGS 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩🚩 #JamieDlux
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2022.01.24 19:37 UniversalInstinct Food for thought

Hey guys, I've been investing in ALGO for a while. I've been part of the effort to maintain a support price in the .80-.89 range during this recent market crash. Although cryptos such as BTC and SOL broke below their floor prices last night, we on the other hand have managed to maintain above our previous bottom. So I view this as a success for now. A double bottom is typically a bullish signal that the price is on it's way back up. It wouldn't surprise me if we were back in a much higher price range within a week to be honest. I have no crystal ball and people like me can only do so much. It's largely going to depend on the will of the rest of the community. I'm very bullish on Algorand. Although people on here are speculating lower prices, that sort of speculation is really no different than speculating higher prices. Right now our market cap is in the 5-6 billion range and ALGO is available on nearly all exchanges. It can bounce up quickly because of that and you could find the market getting ahead of you aswell. It's not in our best interest for ALGO to have a market cap lower than the 5-6 billion range, because the lower the market cap the easier it is to pump and dump a coin with less money. That would only hurt people. So although I cannot predict the future, I would like to request that people please limit their price speculating regarding how low or how high it will get. Much love
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2022.01.24 19:37 IaMjaWaD4 accidentally deleted gta 5 save file

hello i have jailbroken xbox 360 i was playing gta 5 i was at 40%-45% but dumb me wanted to install mod menu i succeeded in that but accidentally deleted my main save fille i only have a 16% save file now can anyone send me save file between 40-45% on my discord plz to copy the file, go to xbox setting >storage>hdd>profiles move profile to usb then on pc make copy of the file send 1 to me and move yours back
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2022.01.24 19:37 Jksfown Would like to know everyone’s fav looking model. For me I’d probably go with the coldstar

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2022.01.24 19:37 macachezwithonlychez What do you call this mistake in levels swag routes or cheeses

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2022.01.24 19:37 hitmantb Azurite Reshade/ENB Comparison: Vanilla vs Glamur Cangar vs Rudy Spcarso

Comparison Screenshots:
Per Cangar's request, ran one more comparison with my minimalist modlist as a base line, and same exact save games. I have actually tested a lot more Azurite ENB's like iiENB, Lucid, Glaze, and Culmination and concluded them most of them are the same with different brightness/saturation. You really need authors who spent a huge amount of time to make their ENB stand out above others. I ran LUX 2020 on everything as I find LUX to be way too dark without it.
Glamur Reshade with Cangar Tweaks
For Glamur Reshade, I added Cangar's Azurite and LUX patch from FUS modlist, and also his personal tweaks in Glamur post section. I didn't notice ambient occlusion much, a little darker shadows perhaps, but global illumination and saturation really makes a big difference.
It is absolutely insane how good this looks without the cost of an ENB. If you have a 1070/2060 card, run this with VR Performance Toolkit, bump up the resolution and you can compete against most ENB's outside of character skins and certain lighting conditions. I liked Cangar colors in scene 1: Riften even more than Rudy colors and that is saying a lot. I don't think Rudy is a neuroscience PhD so it is to be expected! There are some truly elite individuals in our community.
The only way to win ground against Cangar is to use an ENB from a GOTA-level author like Rudy that has extra effects, which brings me to:
Rudy Obsidian with Spcarso Tweaks
Rudy Obsidian, like Scenery and NAT uses specular tricks to add wet effects to surfaces without official VR ENB support, and it also has extra lighting effects as you can see from the Blacksmith scene. Character skins are also smoother, more life-like thanks to subsurface scattering. If you like deeper colors, Rudy is still king and extremely hard to beat.
I did have to turn off post-processing which has the letterbox effects that reduces my already low Quest 2 FOV. I am also going to turn off sun rays if I use this because it can look ridiculous at times in VR:
Overall I am not sure if this brings enough benefit to the table vs Glamur and Cangar tweaks, given the extra 20% FPS you pay. Spcarso has a 3090 so it doesn't matter to him. I would say if Rudy actually made an Azurite ENB, it will probably make me switch from NAT 3.0.
Azurite Azurean
I still like this over all the wannabe ENB's made around the same time, and find it to be best tuned. But it uses regular ENB wet effects instead of specular work around, so it IMO, just doesn't offer enough advantages over GlamuCangar and Obsidian/Rudy, unless you really like its color calibration.
I have included NAT 3.0, my personal favorite to the comparison. I would love to see someone like Cangar tweaking NAT 3.0. His understanding of what looks good in VR, combined with Looping's ultra ambitious effects. The glow of the fire in Dragonsreach throne room is completely unique, I have never seen it in any other weatheENB combination, you see this even when you go up to the throne to examine Balgruuf. However it is not made for VR and has visual inconsistencies like the darker than normal water, and cloud shadows/sky lighting that has to be turned off.
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2022.01.24 19:37 hammadseo Embroidered Beanies Embroidered Caps Embroidered

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2022.01.24 19:37 crackheadonskis Handle on the alcohol cabinet broke (threads stripped on one side) so I designed a new one using the original screws.

Handle on the alcohol cabinet broke (threads stripped on one side) so I designed a new one using the original screws. submitted by crackheadonskis to functionalprint [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 19:37 EstablishmentKooky50 How constantly criticizing men effects dating and relationships?

There are a lot of examples of society crapping on men with misleading explanations of certain statistics, like men do less childraring and less household chores, or men make more money, or men abuse women more..
There are - of course - elements of truth to all these. Like a certain group of men do make more money a men in general do not do as much chores and childraring as women and when men abuse women it does lead to physical injuries more frequently.
What rarely seem to be discussed in mainstream/pop media however is that there are valid reasons to most of these issues and those reasons are usually nothing to do with the common sentiment which is in a nutshell: "men are bad" and "women suffer because of men".
Married men with kids make more money, because they work more hours for instance, not because they are paid better for the same job. This is also the same reason why they do less chores and childraring at the home. Women initiate more abuse, even in the context of reciprocally abusive relationships which is about 50% of all abusive relationships and in the context of the remaining 50%, women are abusive a little more then 70% of the times.
From the correct understanding of the data, it seems to be clear that men and women are about equally flawed, or suffer about equally but different ways. It is not to say that there are no women who suffer because of bad men, but there are also men who suffer because of bad women, so it's not as simple and bi-dimensional as "men are bad" and 'women are the victims". And yet, this is how it appears to be in most of the times, and according this, society created/creates policies and reforms. Anyone who questions the status quo is deemed to be mysoginystic and stamped with all sorts of nasty labels.
So my question is, in your opinion, what does this do to the mind of young people who grow up in an environment, in which there is clear bias against men? How does this effect girls, boys? How does this effect romantic relationships, marriages, interpersonal relationships, friendships if at all? Is there any connection between the falling marriage rates, the increasing prevalence of single motherhood and the increasing numbers of children, born out of wedlock? What can we do differently? Should we do anything differently at all?
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2022.01.24 19:37 FloorToCeilingCarpet AFC Championship

AFC Championship submitted by FloorToCeilingCarpet to bengals [link] [comments]