Transferred BTC out of Paxful wallet, it never arrived. Paxful outright stonewalling me

2022.01.24 20:47 6MWNE88 Transferred BTC out of Paxful wallet, it never arrived. Paxful outright stonewalling me

I am posting this here because the authoritarians over at Paxful's sub must "approve" my request for help, something they clearly weren't interested in. I do not use Reddit, hence I have a fresh account. I didn't know where else to reach Paxful affiliated employees, so I came to reddit and attempted to reach out on their sub, the picture explains my frustration. I do not have 30 days.
I sent the sum of my Paxful account to one of my personal wallets around 11-12 hours ago and the transfer never arrived, nor did it ever show up in the blockchain, it remains "sending" on Paxful's end. I have been regularly moving crypto from exchange to wallet and vice versa for over two years, I've never had an issue. The longest I recall awaiting a BTC transfer is around 90 minutes, which has occurred on several occasions, admittedly. But, 90 and 720 minutes are quite different.
I contacted support after 4 hours had passed (~8 hours ago), and have yet to be helped (obviously). I would not be anxious about this ordeal if not for the fact I need that BTC because an unexpected personal matter has arisen which requires me to travel beginning tomorrow morning. I will need to sell some of it in order to fund my expenses. I would really appreciate a response or insight if anyone has experienced or seen a transaction seemingly hanging the way mine appears to be. I do not know where else to turn. They do not list any number, their website's contact feature introduces you to an obnoxious robot that is overbearing and it more or less refuses to allow you to open CS tickets based on arbitrary, pre-coded levels of importance. I had to submit a ticket under something other than what I am actually dealing with because after 3 attempts to submit one stating my actual problem, I was met each time with a statement that my inquiry wasn't sufficient for a ticket and I should consider FAQs.
Also, I guess it must be said... YES, I have looked over the recipient address 20 times, its the correct destination and I've done this specific point to point many times.
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2022.01.24 20:47 SamRule4 Cybersecurity Engineer at Rule4 - Boulder, CO

Join us in changing the world! If you are an extraordinary technologist who loves creative problem solving, can interface with clients just as well as operating systems, and wants to build an enduring, impactful organization, we want you on our team! Apply here: https://rule4.breezy.hp/0d824aaf13ef-cybersecurity-engineer
What you’ll do: As a cybersecurity engineer you will work side by side with clients that are changing the world across industries such as healthcare, private equity, manufacturing, utilities, government, outdoor recreation, and everything in between! You will become a subject matter expert on bleeding-edge technology and solve problems even when you can’t find the answer on an obscure Internet forum. This role will own entire projects and engage with clients as their trusted advisor, driving forward critical efforts to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and ensure their data is secure. From forensic investigations to running workshops, we learn by doing. Sound like a lot of responsibility? You bet!
Some specifics:

What you’ll bring: Here’s how to know if you’d enjoy being part of Rule4: Our people are committed to supporting each other and our clients like family. We are resilient AF and know what it is like to operate in hard situations together. Each day here offers an opportunity to challenge yourself personally and professionally alongside a team that wants to see you succeed. If you are the kind of person who isn't looking for your typical 9-5 career and won’t leave well enough alone, then you will feel right at home.
Compensation: Benefits: Proof of current COVID-19 vaccination status is a requirement for employment at Rule4. Flu vaccinations also required.
Rule4 embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a skulk of foxes that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We will extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, military affiliation, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. Our policy reflects and affirms our commitment to the principles of fair employment and the elimination of all discriminatory practices.
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2022.01.24 20:47 mrparadize Puppy is way too reactive on leash

Hello - I'm struggling here...
My 1.25 year old Airedale Terrier female puppy is very reactive on leash. Only on leash. When another dog crosses our path on the other side of the street, she gets very excited, starts jumping up and down, and will sometimes start barking. It's very frustrating. I try to keep cool and calm energy, but it can sometimes test my patience where I lose my cool.
I try stopping her, putting her in a sit and standing in front of her. She settles but will try staring down the other dog as it walks by, which is also annoying. And usually, we are unlucky and this happens in the intersection where I can't really stop her and the excessive jumping could be dangerous...
At the same time, I try to lure her away with treats, but she is still excited and will focus on my hand nipping on that treat uncontrollably, where it hurts. On top of that, it's -10 out and it's hard to take my gloves off, grab a treat and properly distract when an unexpected dog comes by.
I try to keep her tired via play, she spends time playing fetch at the dog park once or twice a week, where she barely pays any attention to the other dogs. She also goes to daycare once a week and does great with other dogs, very playful and friendly. Which is why I'm stumped...
Any idea on what I'm doing wrong or what I could try? I'm getting to the point where I'm considering either e-collar or board in train.
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2022.01.24 20:47 Powerful-Flamingo-59 Should I take CS186 or 188?

I'm having trouble deciding between these two classes right now. This will be my last CS class. I am pretty bad at math--does that mean it would be difficult to do well in CS188? I like coding projects with a big design component. Are the CS186 projects fun, or are they more tedious?
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2022.01.24 20:47 mmmmm_pi Who is the most forgettable rotation-level player in the NBA?

Who is the most forgettable rotation-level player in the NBA for you? For those of us who aren't watching 6 games a night, who's a guy you see on the court and go, "Oh yeah, he's in the NBA." And let's say rotation-level means more than 10 mpg so that we're not tossing around names of two-way guys only your team's beat reporter knows.
Potential considerations include:

I'll put my own choice down in the comments.
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2022.01.24 20:47 Minimum_Salt_2899 samira e q flash interaction

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2022.01.24 20:47 NevadaA- Well, if you wanted honesty

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2022.01.24 20:47 mc_51 A website for comparing the quality of Corona Antigen Test-Kits using reliable and updated Data

Testing is important for Corona Virus mitigation and Test-Kits are widely available. However, there are stark differences in their quality: Some tests are really bad at detecting the Virus. This is partly because market approval is currently lax in order to meet the enormous demand. Consequently, customers need to make sure themselves, that they buy quality products. To do so, they need to be informed.
In Germany we have reliable official data comparing the quality of a few hundred tests you can buy for home use. It comes from the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines (Paul Ehrlich Institut). Unfortunately, the data is hard to find and only available in pdf format. This makes it troublesome to stay informed as a customer and make the right decision.
That's why I've created the site
It automatically gets and extracts the data from the source and displays it in an interactive table. You can search for your specific test and also compare which ones are best. Also, it explains the measures used.
If you are interested in the technology powering the site (Python, Flask, DataTables) everything is available in a [GitHub repo](
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2022.01.24 20:47 H2nry46 Which is the better game?

I am getting a new game for my quest 2. Saints and Sinner VS Medal Of Honor (same price)
I am looking for a game with the best time playing and something to do after I finish the campaign. I played The walking dead final season and you can make choices that affect your game, is it the same with SaS (saints and sinners). If so then after the campaign I can go back and make different choices. On the other hand, Medal of Honor (MoH) looks fun and there's something to do after you finish the game. Plus, I am joining the army after high school. It looks like a fun game really.
Which game has the best graphics and story telling?
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2022.01.24 20:47 Zer0Kanj1 [XB1] Just rolled this and personally don’t need it. Anyone wanna offer on it?

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2022.01.24 20:47 ADemiseofHarmony Remember Catfish, that guy who faked DID? Yea, they posted this on their account on Twitter [TW: Shit in the response]

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2022.01.24 20:47 Infamous-Apple Feliz crashes

When I finish playing Feliz and the pick up the phone thing plays, the song just stops working. Anybody know why this happens? I reinstalled the mod but nothing happened.
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2022.01.24 20:47 artbellataoldotcom This guy loves his meth.

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2022.01.24 20:47 FlameGhost90 What Super Nintendo games do you remember that have you playing as a Creator and creating a world for the inhabitants to live in?

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2022.01.24 20:47 TritiumXSF Is the C6 a worthwhile SCT?

As the title says, I'm planning to photograph this galaxy season with a new GEM28. I want to pair it with a longer focal length as I really want to take photos of the small galaxies. I've been on a 200mm lens for about a year now and find that widefield isn't as fun as galaxies for me.
I plan to use a Nikon d5600 on the fella and the usual 30mm Guidescope/ASI120MM Mini guiding combo.
I've read that the GEM28 can carry the C8 and guide well so I think the C6 would be fine. I would just like to get your thoughts on the C6 itself if it's a worthwhile SCT or if there are other alternatives. As well as what I should prepare for for this kind of imaging.
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2022.01.24 20:47 SirR_Z_Nathan The recent shop mega box glitch: my brutally honest, probably unpopular take

Now that the whole craze surrounding this glitch is dying down, I feel like I can maybe make this post without getting too many downvotes.
To summarize what happened (skip this paragraph if you already know): about 2 days ago there was a bugged offer in the shop that gave 140 mega boxes for 2 dollars. It stayed up for ~30 minutes before being fixed, and a small number of players bought it and got all that progress. Supercell has already said that they won’t do any rollbacks/fixes, just more caution moving forward.
I would also like to make my own situation clear (regarding the offer): I didn’t get it, but my close friend got it on both of his accounts and we do play on each other’s accounts from time to time, so I still kinda benefited from this glitch. Take that how you will.
Now for the hot(?) take: imho, this whole issue is being massively overblown because people are (understandably so) feeling bad. It really isn’t that big of a deal, and it is absolutely not necessary for supercell to do anything for us right now (outside of fixing their internal issues of course).
Some people are saying that SC should rollback/refund the purchases, but that’s simply not feasible. These packs were bought using real money through various payment methods, so I’d imagine that it is next to impossible to undo all these transactions. And like Frank said, do you really want to potentially punish the >99% of players who didn’t do anything by rolling back?
Some people are saying that they should put the offer back/give out compensations, but to be brutally honest, I really don’t think we deserve any sort of compensation. You all saw the data: only about 0.2% of active players got the deal (possibly even less since everyone who got it probably bought it for all their accounts), so out of every few hundred matches we’re gonna get one guy who maybe has one more level/sp/gear unlocked than they should have. Even with club league taken into account, the impact that the rest of us will feel is most likely going to be negligible. So then why should we get compensations when we really didn’t lose much while SC was the one who lost tens of thousands from this glitch?
Some people are also saying that it is unfair for these few players to get all that progress which would have taken others hundreds of dollars or years of time to obtain for so cheap, therefore they should be punished if a revert is not possible. Yes, it is unfair and you do have a right to be frustrated, but what is there to be done? These players didn’t do anything shady, they didn’t game the system, they simply got lucky and were at the right place at the right time to receive a big boost. Keep in mind that BS is already a heavily luck-based game: if something can be done about this situation, then what's stopping me from claiming that my friend needs to be punished for getting 2 legendaries from 5 boxes while I got none from 100 boxes? People win lotteries all the time and get millions, so do we need to do something about it too? I hate to say this too much but, at the end of the day, life is never exactly fair, and luck is extremely pervasive in every corner of our society. We all wish we are the lucky ones, but more often than not, we just need to learn to accept and walk away. (to clarify, the situation here is indeed slightly different since the progress resulted from unintended circumstances rather than established rules, which is why I think a refund/revert is perfectly sensible. But going so far as to suggest that these lucky players be punished? That ain't it chief.)
Oh and to the people who got the deal and were going around calling everyone else "poor" and bragging about it, and to the people who missed it and were sending SC/people who got it hate and threats, it takes a great level of immaturity to do something that stupid when there were already so many emotions from both sides, and I really do despise you for that.
I would like to end this post by saying that as a community, we really need to move on from this. For the past two days I have sat and watched as this sub, the discord server, and Frank’s Twitter account got completely overwhelmed by complaints, threats, and at times nonsensical “fixes” to the situation from people who missed the offer. Even under gameplay/other unrelated posts, I just keep seeing emotionally charged comments referring to this situation. I do understand that a certain percentage of the community is feeling terrible rn for missing the offer, and I do too, but in the long run, I really do think that what happened 2 days ago will become exactly like Frank said: just a little hiccup. The world is not ending; you are not gonna log on tomorrow and see a completely different game; chances are, someone who did not see the offer and did not see posts related to it will never even realize that such a glitch ever existed. This issue is much smaller than people are making it out to be, some of us are just too emotional right now to see it. We don't need to talk about it 24/7, we don't need to have debates in every thread, we all have other issues in life to worry about, we all have bigger fishes to fry, so let's just move on and enjoy the game.
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2022.01.24 20:47 slashx14 [US-NY] [H] DSA Magic Girl Dark Core [W] Paypal

I am looking to sell my DSA Magic Girl Dark Core kit. Set was used for about 2 minutes before I decided that I did not like DSA. I am looking to get $170 shipped.
Full disclosure, you can buy the kit in stock here. When I purchased from this vendor, it came to $190.54 with tax+shipping.
Comment before PM, no chat.
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2022.01.24 20:47 Pot-Pilgrim Bobby's World was a 90s trip

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2022.01.24 20:47 thatcarguy01 Silverado EV reservation list has some interesting info...

This reservation list for the Silverado EV shows stats on models ordered (RST, RST First Editio or WT) where future owners are located, other electric pickups being considered and more.
Interestingly, HALF of them are interested in the F-150 Lightning. Anyone surprised by this? Curious to see how this changes as more info gets added and especially as orders get converted.
The only other electric pickup I'm after is the Sierra EV.
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2022.01.24 20:47 BlueKidYouTube What do you do when your favorite website is down for a couple of hours?

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2022.01.24 20:47 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist IR215 E / EASTERN AVENUE; EB 01/24/2022 03:46:41 PM
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2022.01.24 20:47 positivesource 10 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses (All Science and No Hype)

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2022.01.24 20:47 j_stars When the banking crisis hit Cyprus, 47.5% of cash in accounts more than 100,000 Euros was seized by the banks.

Taking bank deposit owners' assets is how they 'resolved' the banking crisis.
And then there is the annual INFLATION tax.
Silver, gold.
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2022.01.24 20:47 birdiealley_dg Having a disc with the same name as your favorite college basketball team has its perks! Just finished dyeing my San Diego State Aztecs Aztec.

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2022.01.24 20:47 Ralphisagreatchef Phalic cactus won’t stand up. We were just gifted this nifty lil cactus potter, any advice to get this bad boy feeling like a teen in heat again? Or how to rehab him back to his former glory.

Phalic cactus won’t stand up. We were just gifted this nifty lil cactus potter, any advice to get this bad boy feeling like a teen in heat again? Or how to rehab him back to his former glory. submitted by Ralphisagreatchef to plantclinic [link] [comments]