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Need for Cognition Test (NCS-6), Results?

2021.11.27 04:49 Salmonella1984 Need for Cognition Test (NCS-6), Results?

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2021.11.27 04:49 CandyIllustrious7020 wHEN caPs LoCk iS oN ............

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2021.11.27 04:49 dubwool Super Glue

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2021.11.27 04:49 slightlyunderwelming Moments like these are what make this game beautiful. I sat and watched the sun with two strangers. Never said anything, never did any emotes, just sat and enjoyed the view.

Moments like these are what make this game beautiful. I sat and watched the sun with two strangers. Never said anything, never did any emotes, just sat and enjoyed the view. submitted by slightlyunderwelming to SkyChildrenOfLight [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 04:49 JellyfishAcademic785 When to increase freedoms - potty training

My puppy is 6 months old and for the first time we've gone three weeks with no more than one accident a week. We've really struggled with potty training so this is huge progress.
When do I increase freedoms a little more and what freedoms do I add first? Right now we are doing strict crate training - bathroom breaks. She gets playtime (including training and exercise) with strict supervision 3 times a day always after she poops adding up to 6-7 hours.
I would like to give her more time out of her crate - perhaps by having her attached to me via a leash throughout the day - but we've slipped back before with this method because she will still pee on the leash. I also have a puppy proofed kitchen but I'm scared if I leave her alone she'll have an accident. I want to do this right because potty training has been so difficult and I'm really worried about backsliding.
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2021.11.27 04:49 wannabegd Cloud plants, me digital, 2021

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2021.11.27 04:49 johnlen1n We're all just trying to get along

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2021.11.27 04:49 jobless_ujjwal2 Hey, 24 year old invester. Please rate my portfolio. Looking for recommendations. Thanks.

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2021.11.27 04:49 Wondering_Fairy What Is The Best Job For An INFP SP/SO 9w1 946 (9w1 4w5 6w5)?

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2021.11.27 04:49 Kissesncats 19F here I am again because why not

Hello! I'm posting here again because last post was flooded with creeps maybe it was a bad timing idk. I want to go ahead and make friends, so a few things about me. I like movies that are animated :) I enjoy drawing and I have two lovely dogs. I unfortunately don't like anime or manga like many people do just to clarify:) so forgive me yall
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2021.11.27 04:49 Boringman_ruins_joke Question for ADC: How do you fight against control mages?

Just to be clear, I'm talking about auto attack adc's not skill shot adc's.
My problem is control mages outrange adc's auto and they usually have hard cc's. Even if I get mercury tread and hunter titan that short duration of cc can bring my health low or kill me. Especially some mages that just oneshot you when you are cc'd. Tanks and bruisers you can kite them or position better. Assassins are whatever. Either they die or you die. It's how the assassins are supposed to be right? But long range mages? I have no clue what they are meant to be against adc.
If you are interested, I'm plat 4 and 2 months into the game.
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2021.11.27 04:49 Bpr3 Looks like he could do it every day after breakfast

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2021.11.27 04:49 Mental-Couple-5509 First post not sure if this'll go thru

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2021.11.27 04:49 buffster007 Should I run a mile?

It’s a converted flat within a Victorian build and the solicitor has confirmed the following:
‘As you can see the Seller proposes to deal with lack of planning permission, lack of building regulation certificate, wooden flooring, lack of FENSA certificate, lack of Landlord’s consent for alteration of the property by way of the attached indemnity policy as the Seller does not have the documents.’
What’s your take on the above? Is this fairly standard on flat conversions to not have these forms and I should just take the insurance policy or should I get out now?
Any advice much appreciated!
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2021.11.27 04:49 Halloitsme_ Læberne… HVORFOR overtegner man dem sådan? Det ligner klovne-læber

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2021.11.27 04:49 DevilMayCry Nox Staff on the HCIM!

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2021.11.27 04:49 NovioDeAimep3 When haces tus momos en un panel de manga

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2021.11.27 04:49 elios4595 Who should i go first now?

Hi everyone,i just finished farming minnie, that means i have minnie daisy and donald 7* equip 7 for now. In next event i'll try to unolock mickey, so i think that i just end farming sens6. Now, who should i go first? I was thinking about herc or bh6. I have ades, p&p and ermes on 7, phil on 4 and Pegaso and megara to unlock. On the other side i have hiro e HL on 7*, fred on 5 wasabi just unlocked and go go tomago to unlock. So i think that's a similar amount of time to farm both teams, but, which one should i go? Or maybe is better farm someone else like naamari or miguel, Randy boggs, cip or someone in the tournament shop? Thanks to all, sorry if it's not clear what i wrote 😅😅😅
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2021.11.27 04:49 KingKlaw [OC] Fun Portrait of My Maltipoo in His True Form

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2021.11.27 04:49 Booooooraaaa_1999 manitha ser pel.👎

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2021.11.27 04:49 VerdeMachine Quest: Return The Memory to the Attendant

I'm currently stuck in Thresh's dungeon because I cannot find the Attendant in the lower wards. I'm supposed to return the memory to him so he can upgrade my amulet so that I can open up the door to move forward. Any idea where he's at? Or if it's bugged? I've searched all over the Lower Wards and dungeon.
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2021.11.27 04:49 Dull_Illustrator_883 What are your top 5 bands of 21th century?

My top:

  1. TOOL
  2. Linkin park
  3. System of a down
  4. Muse
  5. Rammstein
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2021.11.27 04:49 Tip-Solid Help SOS

Hi, my brother died in a car accident six weeks ago. My world stopped. I decided to try and save the semester since I was so deep already. However I only started looking at the readings again three days ago with finals right around the corner.
2 questions
Have you had to deal with the loss of a brother or sister or someone close to you during law school?
Does anyone have recommendations for learning closely held, and family law in under 12 days.
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2021.11.27 04:49 FallCompetitive7976 27-November I am still here

It is 27-November 07:49. I am excited.
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